Rekindle Loving Boots This Fall With Intaglia

Boots that endure…

For many centuries women have had an intense love affair with boots. Boots are loved for their functionality as well as for providing additional ankle support for strenuous activities. They protect the ankle and leg from mud, snow, water and hazards that may splash onto those areas. They are also quite fashionable and are the go-to footwear for many occasions. Most boots cover the foot and the ankle and extend all the way up the leg; in some cases as far as the hip.

Fall is the perfect time for boot lovers to fall in love with boots all over again. The idea is to find a pair of boots that are comfy, offers timeless style and functionality…A pair of boots that can work for almost any occasion. The Intaglia line of riding boots are easily a great addition to any wardrobe because of their versatility, classic designs and cosmopolitan features.

Get Width It

Every woman can walk away feeling like a true diva as the Intaglia catalog of boots come in wide calf and extra wide calf sizes. The wide calf boots come in several different colors inclusive of a rich chocolate, sexy black and a delicious looking British tan that oozes sophistication and class.

Added to this, our VAST-TECH-360&#8482 science allows for optimum comfort in fit. Common features include decorative hardware finishes, soft interior lining, stretch gore for added a comfortable fit, memory foam cushion and TPR flex outsole among others in the Chicago, New York, Boston, Seattle and Manhattan wide calf boots and extra wide calf boots.

Dress it up, style it down or simply turn heads around with any one of our comfortable boots that speaks to you. Whatever you desire; be it a cool and relaxed style, a “look at how fabulous I am” style or “I’m effortlessly sexy style”…You can be as chic and sophisticated or as casual and cool as you like. Intaglia is the place for you to boot it this fall in comfy and classic style that everyone will love!

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