Wrap Up In Leather Wrap Bracelets

Leather Wrap Bracelets for Days

We love products with versatility because it makes everything easier. It helps to have an item that can be worn in several different ways but still keeps one’s style unique and fresh. This is what you can expect with the Intaglia leather wrap bracelets. The cool colors add a ‘look at me’ element to specially handcrafted designs in lengths that fit just about any style you want to wrap them in.

Wrists That Bling

Tiger Eye, Aqua, Turquoise & Crystal, Green Marble, Gold, Earth…Pewter, Hot Pink and more!


The options are many and complement just about any outfit. You can be as subtle as you desire or a bold and fabulous as you want. Let your wrist do the talking by wrapping them up in these radiant colors that fit just about any wrist size.

Necklines That Stand Out

Did we mention how versatile the Intaglia Leather wrap bracelets are? Try wrapping anyone of these beauties around your neck as a necklace. You can transform into a more polished look by choosing our softer colors or funk things up by being bright, bold and beautiful. The choice is yours!

Boho Chic Style

Another super awesome way to rock your Intaglia wrap bracelet is to simply wear it as a headband. Steal the spotlight and jazz things up by drawing the attention to your gorgeous hair. Again, you have the option of being elegant and refined or sassy and edgy with your choice of color and hairstyle. There really are so many to choose from.

Sexy Ankles to boot!

There are some parts of the female anatomy that speak to a certain kind of sensuality. The neckline is one such area. So too is the ankle. Wearing your Intaglia leather wrap bracelet as an anklet speaks to a woman who is confident and secure in her style. She enjoys being the centre of attention but just as easily blends in when she doesn’t want to. Are you that woman?

Styling just got a bit easier. Intaglia’s Leather wrap bracelets are a smart choice because of their vibrant colors, flexibility, versatility and ability to suit numerous style choices. Keep it fresh…Wrap yourself up with Intaglia’s leather wrap bracelets!