How to Measure your Calf makes the BEST wide calf boots and extra wide calf boots available on the Internet. Every pair of boots we have for sale lists the calf size for each foot size and width. Although it may seem silly to pull out the measuring tape and start measuring…we ask you to please measure your calf before placing your order. This is bound to reduce the likelihood of having to return your boots.
  • Wide Calf Boots – Calf sizes range from 15 3/4″ calf for a size 6M to 19 1/4″ calf for a size 13M.
  • Extra Wide Calf Boots – Calf sizes range from 17″ for a size 6M to 21″ for a size 13M.

Our boots come in foot widths ranging from mediums (M) to wide (W) width. The letters next to the shoe size refer to the width of the foot NOT the calf:

  • M = Medium (regular) width foot
  • W = Wide width foot

Disclaimer: Every wide calf boot already comes manufactured with its own specific calf size and you cannot order a boot with a different calf size than the one shown for that particular style. If the style you are interested in has a smaller or larger calf size than you need for the shoe size you wear, you will need to choose a style in a different calf range. Since we have a very extensive selection of wide and extra wide calf boots, you can be sure to find a style that will come as close to your calf measurements as possible.

Intaglia Boots & Shaft Width Size Chart